Book recommendation: Magical Household (Cunningham and Harrington)

51vn3TGXOpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_I am living in boxes right now, preparing to move into a long-awaited home of our own after three long decades of renting.  What an auspicious, fortuitous time for me to run across the wonderful little book Magical Household by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington!  Although I am not Wiccan (the division of paganism that Cunningham is best known for practicing and writing about) I love his writing, knowledge, and wisdom and find his inclusiveness and accessibility to be appropriate for open-minded people of all spiritual traditions.  There is no dogma to be found here, only a tremendous number of fun, easy, inexpensive house-blessing activities, spells, traditions, etc. that can be practiced by anyone who would like to tap into elder traditions (drawn from a wide variety of cultures) to make their home warmer and more blessed.   Covering everything from what to plant in your garden to suggestions regarding pets, cooking, and romance, this book gives tips and tricks to impart positive energy to each room of the home.   I am thoroughly enjoying this book, my to-do list is growing long, and I would strongly consider this volume a must-read for anyone who will soon be moving and/or is looking to give their current home an ultimate home makeover (of the spiritual sort).   Soon I am going to have a home so magical that it just might glow!  I will make sure and post pictures. 🙂

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