Chakra Healing

meditation silhouette with chakras chakra healing with yellow lightAn Explanation of Chakra Healing

The word “Chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit. The chakras, or wheels, are vortexes of energy within the body that control the flow of energy within us, bringing and distributing cosmic power (also known as the life force, chi, or the breath of God) into and throughout our physical form. It is through the care of these centers of energy by chakra healing that mental, spiritual, and physical balance may be achieved.

There are seven primary chakras, beginning at the base of the tailbone (Root Chakra) and continuing up the spine at the reproductive center (Sacral Chakra), the solar plexus region (Solar Plexus Chakra), the center of the chest (Heart Chakra), the throat (Throat Chakra), the center of the forehead (Third-Eye Chakra), all the way to the crown of the head (the Crown Chakra).   Please see the pages that correspond with each chakra for more detailed information. Each energy center controls certain aspects of our physical and emotional health. Working together, the chakras support holistic health – mind, body, and spirit.

The perfect, vibrant function of the chakras are often slowed or blocked by trauma, stress, illness, lack of self-nourishment, overstimulation (excessive TV or social media), lack of spirituality, and/or emotional and relationship disharmony. These negative events and situations cause our energy in the corresponding chakra to become slowed or blocked. These unhealthy chakras can contribute to difficult states such as depression, anxiety, insecurity, apathy, or feelings of isolation and hopelessness.

In order to feel our best, it is important to care for these energy centers with diligence, ensuring that they stay open, functioning in harmony. Meditation, self-care, physical exercise such as yoga, therapy to overcome deep-seated emotional damage, and gemstone therapy are all good ways of supporting the chakra system. When we commit to acknowledge and attend to these energy centers through chakra healing, it is possible to restore our bodies and minds to a level of health and harmony that allows us to flourish.

To bring about holistic transformation, working with chakra energy must be undertaken with patience and diligence. Nodding infrequently to these energies will not bring about lasting change. However, persistent and gentle daily work will bring great reward over time, allowing us to develop profound self-knowledge, self-control, wisdom, and the freedom to move forward and live the best life possible.

Crown Chakra

Divine Connection, Spiritual Growth

Third Eye Chakra

Wisdom, Intuition, Discernment

Throat Chakra

Communication, Truth, Assertiveness

Heart Chakra

Love, Generosity, Empathy

Solar Plexus Chakra

Will, Personal Power, Self-Esteem

Sacral Chakra

Creativity, Intimacy, Feeling

Root Chakra

Stability, Security, Right to Exist