Energetic Healing by Manly P. Hall

Of late, I have been listening with fascination to the philosophical and spiritual theories put forth by the late Manly P. Hall.  Although I have not had the time to listen to all of his lectures and currently still have his book waiting patiently on my Amazon wish list, the attached lecture blew me away.  It is long and I had to listen in several intervals, but the content is absolutely astounding.   I would recommend that anyone who feels energetically depleted or who doubts the power that our minds have over our lives, the interconnectedness of all beings, or even that energy work is real take the time to listen to this.  This stuff is both empowering and life-changing.  Granted, Mr. Hall speaks about esoteric philosophies that I have not even begun to explore yet so I cannot verify the truth of everything he says, but this particular lecture has wisdom and a big, intuitive YES all over it from me.

And I don’t give my YESes out to just anyone. 🙂

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