Rose Quartz, the stone of Love

rosequartzIt is fitting that I begin this blog by discussing Rose Quartz, the quintessential “Stone of Love” revered and familiar even to many who do not study minerals or indulge in the practice of energy work involving crystals.  There is a great reason for this stone’s popularity:  What is more needed in this world, in these times, among human kind, than LOVE?  We all long for love – to feel it, to receive it, to give it, to see it made visible in the world around us.  Even those who behave in hate are often merely reacting to those things that they perceive, in their state of blindness and pain, as opposed to love and peace.  As overwhelming as negativity can be, choosing to act in love is never without great power, regardless of how small and insignificant the offering may seem.  Steadfast love is the ultimate rebellion against all that is wrong in the world.

The way to true happiness can be found in no form other than love – love for self, love for others, love for the earth we live on and for the life we live. Indeed, every conflict, war, and emotional misery can be traced directly back to either the absence of love or the distortion of it.  It is this powerfully unconditional, all-encompassing love that Rose Quartz represents.  Whether we struggle with self-love, a common plague in our culture, or have been wounded by others and see trust and love as potential harbingers of pain, Rose Quartz can open the Heart Chakra, helping us regain that which often seems to be in short supply.  It teaches us that even though we cannot change others directly, we can perfect ourselves by choosing kindness, tolerance, and love and displaying these qualities in a way that allows us to shine with the very energy that is most needed – the light of love.  Love helps us appreciate ourselves and see the good in others.  Love helps us not only heal, but cease to hurt those around us.  Love helps us make friends with our personalities and delight in our own company rather than furiously and, with increasing frustration, seeking affirmation from those around us.  To move toward these qualities and release the things (bitterness, judgment, greed, discontent) that keep us from experiencing happiness, Rose Quartz can serve as a blessed reminder, support, and companion as we move toward the highest good.

“For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; hatred ceases by love.  This is an unalterable law.”  ~ Dhammapada v.5

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