Big day in the Cosmos!

hawk moonTomorrow, March 23rd, is a big day in the Cosmos!  Not only will we be experiencing an energetic Full Moon in Libra, bringing with it both an urgency to cast aside the things in our life that are un-beautiful as well as a confounding indecision of what those things actually are – but we will also be experience a Lunar Eclipse, a celestial event that brings truth and chaos (and chaotic truth) into the picture just as we feel the urge to undertake this task of re-organization.   Yes, this can be an energetic mess (if you choose to look at it that way) but there is one way I believe that we can manage these energies in a peaceful and productive way and make them work together for our personal benefit.

When things speed up, sometimes we accomplish the most by consciously slowing down.   Trying to match the speed of life, the speed of our thoughts, or the speed at which the energies of the world often move, is exhausting and seldom leads to real progress.  For those of us who are just now shaking off the wintertime drearies, that is even more likely to be the case.  There is no need to accelerate, even when we feel overwhelmed and find the energy around us moving fast.  Sitting still for long enough to see which changes are most important and addressing them (and them alone) is often the most productive way to make changes.  This week, the energy of the lunar eclipse will assist us as we muster the courage to look honestly at ourselves and our lives without fear (it is a great harbinger of truth and peace is best found when we surrender to facing it) and the full moon can help us cast off those unpleasant truths – patterns and problems within us that have held us back.  The trick to making these insights and changes stick is to narrow things down to those things that are most crucial and putting our focus there, rather than trying to eat the whole elephant at once.

This full moon is known as the Hawk Moon, names after those beautiful birds of prey (and my personal animal totem) that signify vision, insight, and foresight.  Their unflinching gaze is one that we can use as we turn our sights inward during this time, choosing with laser focus the things inside ourselves or in our life that we are most desirous to change.  A hawk does not capture a rabbit by capitulating with indecision, neither do we shed bad habits, extra pounds, or cut cords to unfulfiling jobs, relationships, or situations by waffling around.  The key to working with these energies, I believe, is to be still, determine one or two things that are most in need of attention, and attack them with focus and confidence.   With the moon in Libra (the sign of relationships) and the sun in Aries (the sign of individuality) perhaps a good place to start would be to examine our relationships, especially the relationship we have with ourselves.

As we carve out a few minutes to sit still with the coming moon, ask:  Where might I be failing to love and care for myself properly?  What do I need to release in order to feel brighter about ME as the springtime approaches?  Even if the answers to these questions are myriad, trust the eclipse energy to bring one or two main things to the forefront.  This is where to place our beautiful, powerful full moon energy as we move forward, releasing the things that are handicapping this most precious relationship – the one we have with our self.  <3




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