July’s Focus: Throat Chakra!

Throat ChakraThe Throat Chakra is the energy center which allows us the confidence to speak our truth, stand up for injustice, create wonderful things in our life, bless others, and settle into a strong sense of our place in the world.  Hopelessness and discouragement, arrogance or shyness, constriction or over-speaking each signify problems in the Throat Chakra, as does the inability to be yourself and shine your unique light brightly into every situation!   With our world experiencing trying times, the soothing voices of gentleness, love, peace and a firm defense of what is right from a heart that desires to see others healed has never been more valuable.  Because change begins within each individual and spreads into the world with every example of kindness and expression of truth, it is crucial that those of us who wish to see an improvement in the world around us keep our Throat Chakras healthy and vibrant.  Besides the positive effect a healthy Throat Chakra allows us to have on the world around us, it is the key to creating joy inside us, as well.  You may read more about this chakra here.

During the month of July, all of my Throat Chakra Stones and Jewelry will be 20% off.  Thanks to a busy month in June, my inventory is running a bit low but I will be busily adding new merchandise daily and my brand new creations will reflect the discount immediately!  I encourage you to “like” my Facebook page at Durga’s Hearth to take advantage of this opportunity to collect the tools and supportive jewelry and (most important of all!) dedicate a few minutes each day to working with this chakra so that your tired voice will soon be singing and your creative, joyful confidence is restored!  Just as we must eat healthfully to keep the body in good shape, daily meditation and intentional focus on the areas of our weakness is essential for creating a healthy attitude and energy flow.  Happy July to each of you and may many blessings come your way! 🙂


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