June – the Month of the Heart

june heart saleThis month’s focus will be on the Heart Chakra, the energy center that resides in the middle of our chest and assists us in living with abundance, joy, courage, and love for ourselves and all those with whom we share the world.  The Heart Chakra is an important focus for those who suffer from feelings of inadequacy, emotional reserve, selfishness, fear of abandonment, co-dependence, or judgment and criticism issues.  Opening our hearts is likely the most crucial key to our holistic happiness!

The Heart Chakra sits directly between lower chakras. which govern our physical life. and the upper chakras, which govern our mind and spirits.  It is the great connector and its health or weakness can determine the way we feel about ourselves, those around us, and our place in the universe.  Don’t be tormented and held back by trauma and emotional wounds any longer.  Diligently working with the energy of Heart Chakra can bring us back to a place of joy and hope!  For more information about the Heart Chakra, please click here.

For the month of June, Durga’s Hearth will be offering a 20% off sale on all Heart Chakra stones and jewelry! Beautiful new products will be added all month at discounted prices.  Please like me on Facebook at Durga’s Hearth to keep up with all my latest products and special offerings!

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