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In my view, divisiveness, labeling, and joining up with the hive-mind mentality of the status quo (whether of a majority or minority group) is the most spiritually crippling thing that any one of us can do.  As human beings, we were born with the amazing, beautiful gift of rational thought. We can learn, think, weigh options, daydream, analyze, and introspect.  It allows us to become creators of our own life and fall increasingly more in love with the world around us.

As the emotional climate in our country grows more fractious and hateful by the day, it breaks my heart to see so many of our nation’s people refusing to think deeply for themselves and instead simply jump on whichever bandwagon might touch their most base and unexplored passions.  This behavior is lazy.  And it brings not the slightest bit of personal growth, integrity, or peace.

I don’t mind people who hold opposing views.  In fact, I think intelligent debate is one of life’s great pleasures.  My mind has been broadened many times by someone who had drawn a thoughtful conclusion about something that I had not previously considered and I have been known to change my mind after someone more informed than I was generously shared their wisdom with me.  But before I adopt anything into my philosophy, it must be weighed carefully in light of my own conscience and soul.  No one in this world exists without the spark of divinity that makes life, thought, and all that we are possible.  Therefore, to trust the words of another more than we trust the perfect innate voice of our own deepest self is not only misguided, it is a foolproof way to find ourselves at energetic odds with ourselves.  I have been here and it is an uncomfortable, joyless place to be.

Opinion should always be a work-in-progress, not a dogma to be adhered to with white-knuckled stubbornness.  Those whose stands are based on nothing but swallowing propaganda, peer censure, and/or the distorted promise of self-interest and who neglect to think intelligently, put themselves in the shoes of others, and ask the cliche question “What would Jesus (or Buddha, or Brahma, or the god of Good Common Sense) do?” are making one of the most world-destroying errors that any individual could make.  These people fall into the same mind-set that produces the jihadist, the clan at Westbororo Baptist Church, and every shooter who plans to blow away an innocent person.  Granted, most people who react rather than thoughtfully respond do not resort to such extreme behavior, but the lack of soul-searching, the lack of thinking deeply, and the lack of searching for the highest good unites them nonetheless.  We all get to choose whether we take the common bait or choose a higher road, often the lonelier path but never the wrong one.

It is very brave to think for ourselves and form our own opinions.  There is very little that erases insecurity and brings personal fulfillment faster than knowing that our views and stances live in complete symmetry with our soul.  I wish that every human being in the world would find in him/herself this deep, empowering courage. If we did, I truly believe that our world would soon see a unity and peace descend that would completely blow our minds.

Doing the right thing is not easy.  It requires a struggle with the ego that is agonizing at times.  Part of us WANTS to be hateful and selfish and reactionary.  But it never bears good fruit.  Let’s choose to stay off the bandwagon and do the hard thing.

Praying for the world today.  <3

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  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. My greatest hope right now is that this message will reach many people, and reach them deeply.

  2. Really wonderful my friend 💖
    Wise words that are so badly needed by all!

    • Thank you, Diane. Your encouragement means a lot. This issue has been on my mind a great deal lately. You have always been an inspiration to me with your backbone and independent thinking. I thank you for bucking the status quo. It is a wonderful thing to see! 🙂

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