Sacral Chakra – focus for April

orange sacral chakra mandalaSpring is here, the flowers are beginning to bloom, and it is the perfect time of year for us to nurture and embrace our passions! The Sacral Chakra, located in our lower abdomen near the female reproductive organs are (or would be, in the case of men), is the energy center from which springs our feeling of alive-ness and enthusiasm for life. It is the seat of emotions, sexuality, fertility, and creativity.  The Sacral Chakra can help our life feel brighter, our relationships richer and more passionate.  It helps us laugh more deeply, smile more readily, and develop a joyful, radiant outlook toward life.

Springtime is the time of year for fertility; new life is springing up everywhere! We do not have to literally reproduce small humans in order to tap into our creative fire, harness the hope and promise of the season, and begin to give birth to new ideas, new projects, hobbies, and passions.  As humans, we either create or we wither.  It is simply how we were made.  Everyone has experienced how dull life feels when these times of “withering” creep in.  It is time to break out of the rut and turn our face to the sun!

Working with the Sacral Chakra is important for those who feel bored, creatively blocked, dull and apathetic. A healthy Sacral will help bring excitement and vibrant energy into our lives. To see more on how to work with this important chakra, please see my section on the Sacral Chakra that can be found here.   I challenge and encourage you to make the most of this month by breathing deeply and delving into a project that you have long wanted to do but never started.  Let your creative fire bring an enthusiastic new energy to your life by working with the energy of the Sacral Chakra.  <3

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