Solar Plexus – focus for May!

blog may solarThis month, my focus is on strengthening and healing the Solar Plexus, that energetic vortex that controls our will, ambition, self-esteem, and the force of presence we feel in the world. I used to skip working with the Solar Plexus, believing that will and ambition were unpleasant things. A product of a home where my father was materialistic and greedy, harming his family in the process, I was already stubborn and controlling and, from my experience, felt that ambition makes monsters of men. What I failed to see in this narrow view is that no positive change can occur without these powerful instigators. As with everything else in this world, these attributes can be used for our betterment or our detriment, it all depends on what our focus is. In fact, when they are ignored, our sense of self-worth begins to flag, apathy and aimlessness creeps in, and life begins to lose the appearance of really belonging to us.

May is a wonderful month to focus on taking that power back! It is a month of abundance, not only for material gain (but that too, if you need it) but also of abundance of personal energy, hope, self-respect, and a feeling inside that says, “I CAN!” If these feelings are those lacking inside you, it is time to grab your citrine, sit in the sun, set some intentions (today’s New Moon in Taurus is the PERFECT time for this) and breathe out every energy and voice that holds you back from the person you want, need, and deserve to be.

However, with all the planets in retrograde right now, it is not the time to leap ahead into new ventures (which a roaring Solar Plexus might tempt us to do) but to instead raise our personal power in preparation of moving resolutely and wisely, confidently and with hope, toward our goals and dreams. Whether our ambition tells us to start the book we have been wanting to write, look for a new job because the current one is soul-crushing, or begin exercising or eating more healthfully, ambition and will, confidence and self-esteem is crucial to achievement. In fact, expecting success when we have a limply operating Solar Plexus is not only difficult, but I would venture to say that it is impossible. In my opinion, an unhealthy Solar Plexus is the root of depression and stagnation. No one wants those states casting dark clouds over what can and should be an interesting life.

I urge you to spend some time this month meditating, falling in love with yourself and your immense self-worth, and making plans for the self you wish to be and the life you wish to have. There is no need to have a grand end in sight, the joy of life is found as we take one simple, empowering step after another. Pretty soon, we will have left the storm clouds in the dust and will find ourselves shining with confidence.

For those unfamiliar with the Solar Plexus, or Chakras in general, I urge you to visit my information page, located here. In addition, all of my Solar Plexus supporting stones and jewelry are on sale this month. To see them, click here.

My prayers for your empowerment, hope, and happiness are in the air today. I hope you can feel it. <3

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  1. Perfect timing, as I’m sitting here sinking into a low self-esteem induced depression. Thank you for this blog!

    • Oh, Marcia. How well I know this struggle! You are not alone. Your beauty is tremendous – it shines so brightly to others and I hope so much that you can take that distorting filter off of your self-view and know and embrace your deep worth, wonderfulness, beauty, and value. I am here for support and friendship, energy and prayers. You are precious to me. The fight is hard, but worth it. Believing this is sometimes the only thing that keeps us on our feet. <3

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