Unakite: Featured stone for February

unakitetumbledUnakite Jasper is a perfect stone to work with during the month of February, with the holidays of Imbolc (the first quiet stirrings of spring) and Valentine’s Day taking center stage.  Unakite is a combination of Red Jasper and Green Epidote and it primarily affects the energies of the Heart, Third Eye, and Root Chakras.  Working with Unakite helps to “spring clean” our energy systems, dispelling blockages of the heart and opening one up to fearless, unconditional love.  It is no secret that Valentine’s Day, a day of celebrating love, is often dreaded by those who have suffered trauma of the heart.  Unakite helps to heal traumas that may have caused us to build up defenses around our hearts and opens our eyes to the fact that love is far from confined to romantic relationships and attachments, but instead can be found everywhere!  Lifting our spirits by helping us to see the inherent beauty in life, Unakite helps us move forward with optimism and hope, seeing clearly the things that we most fervently want and need and promoting sharp intuition in regards to how to go about bringing them into our lives.  Raising our self-esteem and boosting our feelings of self-love is the beginnings of making ourselves fertile ground to love and be loved in a fulfilling way.  Unakite helps to accomplish this, making it a perfect companion as we seek to clean out the contents of a wintered heart and open ourselves up to bright new beginnings!

Throughout the month of February, all stones, meditation sets, and jewelry containing Unakite will be on sale for 20% off.                                                 In addition, a free natural Rose Quartz will be included with each order, while supplies last.

Blessings and love as you endeavor to make February a season of healing and planning a beautiful future!

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