Wheel of the Year!

e01f3b2f-4277-472d-8d66-9ebc719b83bcI found this photo hiding on my PC and found the associations concise and helpful.  This diagram is not a thorough examination of the seasons, elements, and directions (see the book The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year
for a more in-depth tutorial about working with the seasons and their associations) but, nonetheless, it is a helpful guide for those who would like to begin thinking of life in a more rhythmic, natural way.

I began paying more attention to nature’s rhythms a few years ago; doing so has helped me connect to the Earth and my place upon it in a much deeper way.  Staying in step with the earth’s cycles has helped me to organize myself (thoughts, deeds, and experiences) in a way that keeps me moving forward rather than stagnating, taking time to rest and renegotiate when needed, and acting decisively when it is time to put something new into effect.   I have found that stagnation and a feeling of meaninglessness occurs when we fall out of step with the movement of the sky and earth that surrounds us.  Working intentionally with the Wheel of the Year is an excellent way to prevent this unpleasant disconnection.

direction: EAST, the place of greatest light
time of day: DAWN
element: AIR (breath, wind, clouds, sky)
personal: intellect, music, breath

I think of spring as the time to plant, to create new beginnings and experience freedom in my creativity and thinking.  A time for shedding the last vestiges of my wintery, hermity skin – taking risks, spreading my wings and begining new projects.

direction: SOUTH, the place of greatest heat
time of day: NOON
element: FIRE (sun, stars, storms, desert)
personal: courage, energy, passion, will

I think of summer as the time to readjust and enjoy the new things I started in the spring. A time to slow down a bit and look over and caretake my ideas and plans, grooming them into fruition and taking the time to stop and smell the roses.

direction: WEST, a place for the setting sun
time of day: TWILIGHT
element: WATER (lakes, oceans, rivers, rain, fog, tides)
personal: dreams, intuition, compassion, feeling

To me, autumn is the season to give thanks for my harvests for the year and appreciate all those who contributed. I reflect on what worked well this year, what crashed and burned, and I begin dreaming my dreams of what the next spring will bring. I also use this time to enjoy quiet time and warm things, such as bonfires, hot apple cider, and my favorite sweater.

direction: NORTH, a place of greatest darkness
time of day: MIDNIGHT
element: EARTH (mountains, caves, landscape)
personal: strength, form, wealth, body

Winter is a time of introspection for me, a time to set my life in order and prepare myself for the energy I will put forth in the coming spring. Organization of my home and decluttering is done in winter, as is honing and planning for what I wish to do with the coming warm season. Saving money toward my upcoming plans is an important wintertime discipline, because there is little more disappointing than having big plans, lots of energy, and no resources to put them into effect.

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